FEI Dressage Rider & Trainer

Catherine Haddad

Catherine Haddad-Staller, an FEI Dressage rider who splits her time between Wellington, FL and NJ, has been a big fan of Herm Sprenger for years. Catherine currently holds a USDF Gold Medal, as well as being an active member of the International Dressage Riders Executive Board.

Favorite Herm Sprenger Product: Aurigan Weymouths & Bradoons

Current Competition Horse(s): Sola Diva

Goals for Show Season 2023/2024: Virginia, Pennsylvania, & Devon CDI competitions

Fun Fact: She lived in Germany for nearly 20 years before moving back to the States!

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Canine Influencer + Breeder

Ashley of Jakoba GSDs

With over 289k followers on Instagram alone, Ashley and her "Jakoba" pack is a household name for many dog lovers. Hailing from Arkansas, they focus on adventures with their dogs and integrating their toddler with the pack. If you don't already follow her, you should definitely check her out! Follow on Instagram @von.jakoba

Favorite Herm Sprenger Product: The Mango Toy

Current Dog(s) & their breeds: Meeka, Ryker, Koba, Kai, and Brenna (all GSDs) plus Roman, a Estrela Mountain Dog

Fun Fact: Roman is their livestock guardian dog and was directly imported from Portugal!

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Professional Dog Trainer & Influencer

Robert Cabral

Robert Cabral is best known for his life-saving work in
animal shelters.Β  His training and techniques have helped save the lives of thousands of dogs and helped both large and small shelters nationwide.Β He is also a speaker on canine behavior and a mentor for many dog trainers through his online training at RobertCabral.com.Β  He enjoys dog sports as well as his "life with dogs!" Follow him on Instagram at @robertcabral

Favorite Herm Sprenger Product: 3mm Short Link Fursaver in Stainless Steel Black

Current Dog(s) & their breeds: Goofy (Malinois), Maya (GSD), Schumley (Malinois), and 2 Labrado Retrievers

Fun Fact: I actually love mini-Dachshunds!

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