How do I know which type of collar is right for my dog?

How do I know which Training Prong Collar is right for my dog?

What are the benefits of choosing a chain collar versus a nylon collar?

What is the best way for me to care for my chain collar?

Why is my collar staining my dog's fur?

What is CUROGAN?

Amongst the multiple options we offer in our collar materials, CUROGAN is a copper-tin alloy that is 100% nickel free. This makes it a great alternative for dogs that tend to experience allergic reactions to traditional chain materials. Due to the nature of the metal, it will start out as a brighter red-tinged collar but darken over time.

What is the difference between the NeckTech Sport & Fun? What makes them unique?

How do I adjust the size of my NeckTech collar?

What is the ClicLock?

First introduced in 2010, the ClicLock fastener has proven to be both a reliable and extremely safe alternative to a traditional buckle closture. Constructed out of Stainless steel, it has a guaranteed breaking load of 440 lbs.

General Collar Fitting Tips

Tips for Proper Fit & Use of Prong Collar

What are the standard starting lengths for the Ultra Plus Training Prong Collars?

I need to purchase additional prongs but don't know what size wire gauge I need?

Can I purchase the Training Prong Collar end plates or centerplates separately?

Prong Tightening:

Do you have a particular prong that seems to fit more loosely than others?

Follow along with this video for a quick & easy way to resolve this issue