The Herm Sprenger Canine Trainer Certification Program

ย Here at Herm Sprenger, we strive to produce training equipment of the highest quality and efficacy, and in that mission we also expect those using our tools to also follow the proper usage guides & training methods.ย In an effort to maintain this high standard, we collaborated with the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) to develop a complete certification program on the proper use and implementation of our training products.

Below you will find our growing list of our certified prong collar instructors to aid in choosing the best trainer for your own dog.

Herm. Sprenger has been producing high-quality products for humans and animals for nearly 150 years and it is incredibly important to us that this same level of quality and care also takes place in the education and training of dogs.

With this program and testing procedure, our goal is to ensure trainers and instructors worldwide have the appropriate skills & methods in order to guarantee the well-being of canines during the use of prong training collars.

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