The AERO Stirrup Line; New Standards in Safety
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The AERO Stirrup Line; New Standards in Safety

May 29, 2024

New Standards in Safety - the AERO Stirrup by SPRENGER

A new stirrup designed to support you in style, safety, and comfort…

The AERO Stirrup provides a unique experience for the rider through its’ optimized safety features, angled footbed, and ergonomical design. Whether you are looking for increased safety features, a stylish new stirrup, or something to relieve the pain in your joints; the AERO Stirrup was designed to impress you.

We presented our new flagship stirrup at SPOGA 2024 and can't wait to hear what you have to say about it!

Safety is a Top Priority with the AERO Stirrup

The AERO Stirrup sets a new standard for Safety Stirrups! The unique design of the AERO Stirrup combines comfort with the highest safety standards. The 180° tiltable arm on the side of the stirrup releases the foot in the event of a fall. The movable arm opens under the pressure of the foot in every direction. The moveable arm opens sideways, upwards, forwards, and backwards for enhanced safety in any situation. The arm can be moved back to its original position once it has been opened for consistent safety.  The AERO Stirrup Line was not only designed with the rider's safety in mind, but the horse’s as well. The AERO Stirrups are designed to prevent riders and horses from getting injured in the case of a fall.

Wide Tread Surface and Customized Grip

Are you looking for maximum support from your stirrup? Our new AERO Stirrup Line was designed to bring optimized comfort, support, and safety to our riders. This innovative stirrup has an extra-wide, fiberglass-reinforced tread surface that is inclined by 5°. The footbed’s material composition and slightly angled position will provide ideal support for the rider and encourage a stable leg position. The AERO Stirrup’s footbed offers both firm and soft grip elements to give your foot optimized support. If you want even more grip, we offer an Extra Grip Footbed. The Extra Grip Model will provide Stainless Steel Spikes in place of the Blind Plugs that are in the traditional model. If you decide you want additional support with our AERO Stirrup, you can add Stainless Steel Spikes by removing the stirrups’ Blind Plugs. Our Stainless-Steel AERO Spikes are available in a set of 18 with a specialized wrench to screw them into place, securely.

 Long-lasting quality thanks to materials from the aerospace industry

Our AERO Stirrup is manufactured with the utmost precision from aerospace materials.  The high-quality aluminum has an impressive breaking load of over 1600 kg! You will be supported every stride in the AERO Stirrup.

Comfort Redefined with the AERO Stirrup

The AERO Stirrup provides the utmost comfort to any level rider. In the development of this stirrup, we partnered with our top rider partners. Our top riders have spent a lot of time in the saddle, so their expertise in this design was paramount. We believe that comfort is not only a luxury but a necessity for successful riding. The AERO Stirrup offers a specially designed, angled, stirrup leather eyelet to perfectly balance the stirrup.  The off-set eyelet allows for a smoother experience when picking up the stirrup and provides support by encouraging a more closed leg position. This well-thought-out design supports a natural and comfortable leg position to improve the overall riding experience.

 Gentle on the Joints - Shock-Absorbing Tread Surface

We at SPRENGER have already set the standard for state-of-the-art stirrups. Our Bow Balance and Flexcite Stirrups brought innovation to the overlooked saddle accessory. By including flexible joints on the stirrup, we were able to support the rider in a new way. Professional riders who spend several hours a day in the saddle find relief through the flexibility that our Bow Balance and Flexcite Stirrups offer. The new AERO Stirrup was designed with the same flexible joints that our other innovative stirrups offer. The comfort of the rider is not only supported with the flexible joints on the stirrup, but also through the replaceable tread. The replaceable tread on our new AERO Stirrups offers shock-absorbing features to aid in relieving the rider's joints and ligaments from unnecessary pressure.

AERO - Where Safety, Comfort and Durability Meet

The AERO stirrup from SPRENGER is the ultimate choice for the rider who doesn't want to compromise!  When it comes to safety, quality, and comfort in the saddle; the AERO Stirrup provides an uncompromising rider experience. Whether you are hacking out, flying over hedges on the cross-country course, or dancing through the dressage arena; the AERO Stirrup ensures that you can concentrate fully on what matters most. Experience a new dimension of riding with the AERO Stirrup!

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