Sizing De-Mystified: How to determine the correct collar size for your dog.
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Sizing De-Mystified: How to determine the correct collar size for your dog.

Jan 22, 2024

So I want to buy a Herm Sprenger collar for my what?

 No matter the style of collar or harness, safety & longevity go hand in hand with choosing the correct size for your dog. An incorrectly fitted collar or harness can not only be uncomfortable but can also increase the risk of injury for your dog. In order to "de-mystify" finding the right fit, follow along with us as we discuss key fitting factors, tips, and more!

What is the correct way to measure your dog's neck size?

To measure your dog's neck correctly, we have three simple steps to follow:

  1. Measure in the correct spot: For prong collars, we suggest right behind the ears, while chain & flat collars can be measured mid-neck
  2. Rule of thumb; not too tight, not too loose: In order to take the most accurate measurement, we recommend using either a fabric measuring tape or using a string so you can follow the natural curve of the neck seamlessly. When measuring, you will want the measuring tape or string to be snug, but not too snug that you cannot slide your pointer finger between it and the dog's neck.
  3. How does it compare? This third step may only be applicable if you already have a properly fitted collar on hand. If so, you can use that collar as a guideline for making adjustments for your new collar.

 I really want a chain collar, but how do I decide the right length for my dog?

With the different styles of chain collars we offer, we know it may be a bit daunting when it comes to choosing the best length for you dog, but don't worry, it isn't as complicated as you may think!

One important thing to keep in mind is that the SPRENGER chain lengths are always measured from one end of the chain to the other, i.e. from end ring to end ring. This means that, depending on the type of chain, the specified length may not correspond to the maximum neck circumference listed on the tag.

Chain Collars with Assembly Chains

curogan chain dog collar with assembly chain

Since SPRENGER chain collars with assembly chains are not adjustable and have to be pulled over your dog's head, it is especially important to choose the right length. In order to account for this, we suggest adding approx. 3" to your dog's neck measurement and choose the chain length that is closest to this.

One factor to consider, especially if you have a dog with a larger head (ex. pitbulls, mastiffs, etc), you will want to make sure that the chain collar length is greater than the circumference of widest part of your dog's head so that you can still slip it easily onto their neck.

FurSaver-Style Chain Collars

fur saver dog collar

While our traditional FurSaver-style chain collars offer more sizing leeway as compared to those featuring an assembly chain, they still must be pulled over the head so sizing is just as important. We suggest adding approx. 2" to the circumference of your dog's neck, and then choose the corresponding chain length. Just like our chain collars with assembly chains, if you have a breed of dog that has an especially large head to body ratio, you will want to take this into account to ensure you are able to slip the collar over their head with ease.

Chain Collars with Snaps

chain dog collar with clip

Since this style of chain collar does not need to be pulled over the dog's head, there is more flexibility with sizing, therefore you can use your dog's true neck size as a guideline when choosing a collar in this style.

Ok, but what about the NeckTech collars?

 Our NeckTech collars are becoming increasingly popular due to the innovative design and option for a true flat-collar option or a variation on a prong training collar. Since this collar is available in both a flat collar and correction-style option, there are corresponding suggestions for choosing the appropriate size as well.

NeckTech Sport or Fun: Flat Collar Style

For our NeckTech collars that do not feature an assembly chain, you can follow your dog's true neck size when selecting a size. These collars feature our ClicLock buckles for easy on/off. Please note, our NeckTech collars come in two standard "starting" lengths and can be adjusted by either adding or removing links.

NeckTech Sport or Fun: Assembly Chain Style

To account for the assembly chain, you will want to add 2" to your dog's neck measurement. Please note; when using our NeckTech Sport or fun with an assembly chain for training purposes, you will want to measure your dog's neck behind their ears for a more correction position for correction. 

I am looking to utilize a Prong Collar, so how do I ensure correct sizing for this type of collar?

When it comes to training purposes, we typically suggest our prong collars that feature an assembly chain. This style of collar must be fitted closer to the ears, and we suggest adding approx. 2" to the measurement you get at this position on the neck. An important note on our prong collars; our prong collars are sold by wire gauge size, with each wire gauge coming in a set "starting" length. This length can be adjusted by adding or removing prongs. We highly suggest choosing the wire gauge designed to be appropriate for your dog's weight, and then adjusting the length for appropriate fit.


This all sounds great but I am more of a visual person, are their any diagrams or charts to help with sizing?
Yes! If you visit our Canine FAQ page, you will find multiple diagrams, from prong collar sizing to harness fitting, and everything in between!
Proper fit = a happy dog and even happier owner! If you have additional questions that were not covered in this blog or you cannot find on our FAQ page, feel free to reach out to us via email at:


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  • steve
    Jun 21, 2024 at 09:47

    I am looking for a black 2.25 inch prong collar. I hear there are a lot of “Fake” Herm Sprengers" out there. I was told to look for the HS but assuming this is the real website, did you get rid of the HS? – I am getting this for my English Bulldog pup who is 5 months and weighs 33 lbs at the the moment. do I need a 3" gauge? or will 2.25 due? …. looking for probably an 18" or 16" and may need to buy extra links…. please helpl… this is all very confusing.


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