Chain Dog Collars: What's the scoop?
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Chain Dog Collars: What's the scoop?

Feb 15, 2024

Chain Dog Collars: What's the Scoop?

While chain collars are traditionally used for working, military, and police dogs, they are becoming increasingly popular amongst everyday family & companion dogs. Why would someone choose a chain collar over a typical nylon flat collar? Let's get the scoop on the perks of choosing a chain dog collar.

The Appeal of Chain Collars

One big reason that chain dog collars are increasingly popular is their versatility.
Want to use it for your daily walk? Check!
How about during training sessions? You bet!
Ok, but how about just everyday wear? They're great for that too!


Why are they so versatile? Well, durability for starters! One of the most stress-inducing situations a dog owner can face is their dog becoming loose while out for a walk or in a public space. Even if your dog has great recall, a stressful situation can cause a dog to panic as well, risking injury to themselves and potentially others. So what makes it so durable? The chain itself! But it's not just any chain...

It's SPRENGER chain!

Our different metal types, wire gauge sizes, and shapes make for a collar that will stand the test of time and suit your individual dog's needs.

The Pros of using a Chain Collar for Fearful Dogs

The #1 pro to choosing a chain collar in these cases is safety.

Additional features such as assembly chains and pull-stops can give owners of more timid dogs some extra security & peace of mind. Chain collars that include these design features like this are great in that when the dog is relaxed, there is no additional tension, but if the dog reacts, the collar will tighten, safely minimizing the risk of the dog wiggling out of their collar.

How do I make sure my dog is comfortable in their chain collar?

Dog owners are often worried that the metal links or the material itself will make chain collars uncomfortable for their dog to wear or more likely to cause injury than other dog collars. When someone thinks of "chain", they may assume it would be uncomfortable for their dog to wear or cause irritation. In reality, a properly fitted chain collar can actually be more comfortable and dog-friendly than your standard nylon flat collar! Some of the top reasons why chain collars can be a terrific alternative to a fabric-based collar are:

  • Since each link moves due to not being in a fixed position, it can follow your dog's own movements, limiting the risk of it bunching up on them or pressing into them in an uncomfortable way.
  • Chain collars offer fantastic air flow which means they will not harbor any damp odors or moisture. No more stinky collars!
  • With the different chain link shapes and sizes, these collars can accommodate a wide range of breeds & coat types, minimizing the risk of damage to the coat.

Some additional advantages to choosing a chain dog collar are...

  • They are easy to clean (all it takes is some lukewarm water and a dash of mild soap! Be sure to let it air dry as well)
  • They are extremely durable (though if your dog frequents the ocean, stainless steel will be your top choice!)
  • They are a great sustainable choice do to the extensive lifespan of a well-cared for collar
  • They offer great versatility in use

Where there are Pros, there must be Cons....

Of course, as with all dog collars, there are certain disadvantages to using a chain dog collar. One common disadvantage as to do with skin sensitivities & fur-staining. A more common occurrence in light-colored dogs, fur-staining is when your dog has an allergic reaction to a particular metal which causes their fur to discolor. While fur-staining is mainly just an aesthetic issue and does not typically cause the dog any discomfort, it can be unsightly. Many dog's that suffer from this issue can have great luck with choosing our Curogan metal. Our Curogan metal is our most hypoallergenic metal choice and it largely copper based. This metal option has been seen to prevent fur-staining in about 90% of dogs.


Due to the design of a majority of our chain collars, they are meant to be slipped over the head. This can cause issues if the proper length collar is not chosen as it can be an uncomfortable process to try to put a too-small chain collar over a dog's head. Another point to be aware of is that dog chains are traditionally slipped over the dog's head. We have some great tips for finding the correct size on our fitting blog here.

Another unfortunate downfall to chain collars is that they are not designed with a safety release or breakaway feature, therefore, we do not suggest the use of these collars when your dog is unsupervised.

Common Types of Chain Collars

There is an extensive variety of chain collar styles, all suited for different needs and breeds!

We can break them down a bit by the following criteria, starting with collar features:

  1. Choke-Style or Pull-Stop Style Collars

The most common style of chain collar, this style is designed to be pulled over the dog's head.

  1. Chain Collars with Assembly Chains

This style is also designed to be pulled over the head, but different from the choke-style chain collar, they have a fixed limit to be tightened so correct sizing is paramount.

  1. Chain Collars with a Clip (may or may not include a pull stop or assembly chain feature)

This style is great since you can adjust the length by clipping to different links and you do not need to pull it over the dog's head. These collars can also feature assembly chains or pull stops as well.

Another way to differentiate collars is by the number of rows. There are two types:

  1. Single-Row

 As the name suggests, these collars are one row of chain, making them suitable for a variety of coat types.

  1. Multi-Row

Multi-row chain collars typically feature two to three rows of chain. This style of chain tends to be more suitable to dogs with shorter coat lengths. This style tends to be more popular as a "decorative" collar due to the overall jewelry-like look.

We also offer different chain link sizes & shapes such as...

Another important factor alongside the shape is the wire gauge size of the chain. We highly encourage choosing a wire gauge size that is best suited for your dog's weight category and general temperament. We offer wire gauges as small as 1.5mm and all the way up to 5mm for our big dogs! If you are unsure which wire gauge is right for your dog, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly and one of our knowledgeable customer service specialists will be happy to assist you with making the best choice!

Regardless of whether you choose a chain collar for its appearance, durability, ease of care or use - you are sure to enjoy it for many years to come!

Don't forget: A chain collar is like any other non-breakaway collar, and the same general rules apply. Due to the nature of the design, these types of collars are meant for use while training, walking your dog, or at the very least, worn while being supervised. If you are struggling with specific behavioral issues with your dog, we always suggest contacting a certified trainer for further assistance.

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    Jun 21, 2024 at 09:47

    Hi I am looking to buy a collar that is metal or titanium so it is too strong to be cut and I can attach a tracker to it.And it is not able to be pulled off or cut through please


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