HO-Weymouth 14 mm – Aurigan, size 135 mm

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• slanting mouthpiece with a smooth, rounded and forward angled port

• slightly curved mouthpiece relieves the middle of the tongue and lower pressure on the tongue edges

• even distribution of pressure when taking the reins

• brilliant for introducing a rider or a horse gently to a Weymouth bit

• leverage effect sets in more direct with 5 cm cheeks

This unique Weymouth with its slanting mouthpiece and a smooth, rounded port is angled forward and enables fine distribution of pressure on the tongue.

The bit takes advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue ensuring precise rein aids.

Suitable for horses that dislike tongue pressure. Brilliant for introducing a horse gently to a Weymouth bit.

The slanting mouthpiece encourages the harmony between the rider‘s hand and the horse‘s mouth, providing a relaxed and secure contact to the Weymouth.